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Hi, I'm Trina. Welcome to a blog about growing life, simply and faithfully.

In a culture that says “just make your dreams happen,” my experience has been a much slower growth process. I want to encourage and bring life to those who feel caught underground, because good things are happening down here in the dirt.

We’re likely kindred spirits if you…
…need things to be simple just to counteract all the chaos.
…are looking to make sense of your new season of life, whatever it may be.
…long for validation and affirmation for where God’s placed you and where he’s calling you.
…need a little renewal in your life.

You can learn more about what I care and share about here. Or keep scrolling for ideas on faith and life from this blog. Lately, I post more routinely on Instagram, so you can find me there.

Ideas for Life…

Looking for ideas to live simply? Whether that's in simplifying home, choosing a minimal wardrobe, improving family snapshots, dating the spouse, or caring for kids—below are a few ideas.

Remember to begin only what fits with your life, then leave the rest.

Ideas for Faith…

Looking for encouragement in simple faith? Whether that's in quiet moments with Jesus, following His purpose, uncovering His hope, or serving Him in love—below are a few ideas.

Remember to begin only what helps you grow in Jesus, then leave the rest.

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