Maintaining airplane bathroom virginity

So that subject sounds worse than it is, but it got your attention, right? Cool. I've been traveling since 7ish this a.m. and I've successfully made it from one coast to the other. I've learned a lot on this trip and had fun in the process, and my couple hours of waiting for my mom on this end of the trip gives me opportunity to reflect and share such ramblings with you.

  1. Lessons from a 4 year old in a cowboy hat: I'm gonna be gone for a month so I have two duffel bags and I had two carry ons (laptop and backpack). I'm sort of a little girl to be managing so much luggage on my shoulders and many people along my path noticed that and offered their assistance. One guy even gave his 2 cents by stating that I needed to invest in something with wheels, me laughing and responding that I needed to do that or get bigger muscles. Neither are at all probable. After getting the big stuff checked-in, I was on my way to gate b10 when I saw a 4-year-old that must've known the old guys advice. He came no higher than my waste including his oversized black cowboy hat. He ran faster than I thought possible for such a little guy carrying behind him his miniature carry-on on wheels. Bright colored and alltogether clashing with his manly hat, the "luggage" flailed behind him with wheels hardly hitting the ground. Now I need some luggage like that, and that little kids spunk to pair with it. Watch out, next time I travel you might see me rushing through the airport running faster than my little legs can carry me with miniature luggage flying behind me somehow believing that it's the wheels that makes the difference.
  2. When ID should be hidden, the airport staff will inform you: We were getting through our last security check where ID and ticket were required. I handed the lady my ID as requested, she glanced at the picture and immediately handed it back; in her nicest southern way possible she said "put that thing away, you won't be needing to pull it out anymore." Now, this story would be a lot funnier if you could see the picture on my ID. Thanks Ms., I'll remember that.
  3. It's not worth peeing your pants just to save your airplane bathroom virginity: I got bored on one of the flights today and counted up that in the the 3 airplane trips I've taken, I've been on 14 different flights. A few of those flights have been several hours overseas. With that in mind, I pride myself in never so much as stepping foot in an airplane bathroom. No big deal to the average person. However, it became a big deal to me when I had to pee like a racehorse on my 2nd flight today. I had 1 1/2 hours to go and was sure I'd end up peeing my pants. Would that send me into the restroom on the airplane? Nope, it's gonna have to be a better reason than that to take away my airplane bathroom virginity.
  4. My newest shirt will read "Sucks to be me--I'm lost": After my first flight our helpful flight attendant went through the entire list of connecting flights and what gates you might need to be at. She'd say the letter and then the name to make sure people understand what she was saying (bs, cs, and ds, can sound alike real quick). So, when she said my flight I made sure to memorize Delta 10. Chicago airport is huge and I just kept walking through sure I'd arrive at the D section. Around when I was seeing signs for A-C and E-H and nothing on D a mom was explaining to her son that he needed to stay close stating, "This is a huge airport, you don't want to get lost do you?" I wanted to exclaim, "No, I don't!" but reminded myself she wasn't talking to me. I found out that D wasn't an option for a United flight and I was in fact supposed to go to B 18. Whatever, I'm still gonna make the shirt.
  5. Is $7 internet really worth it when you're laptop battery won't last half of it?: I'm sitting between the only two luggage claims in the Fresno airport with my laptop plugged in and my feet straight ahead of me like a little school girl. Bored as all getout, I decided to pay the fees for wireless internet until 2 am (the shortest amount of time I could buy). Then, shortly through, my battery runs out. Suck--what a waste of money. What to do now? Ask the only 2 guys left in this deserted airport where a plug is and try not to lose my pride as I'm sure they're laughing about my patheticness behind my back. But do I really feel that out of place? Nope, just bored.