When orange regained color

What is a girl doing up and online at nearly 2 in the am? Obviously recovering from her poor choices of caffiene intake a few short hours prior. And what is a girl that is up at that time thinking about and attempting to write a blog about?? The goodness of oRaNgE jUiCe.

You see, when you find yourself at Union Market buying your daily orange juice all by your lonesome, frankly that orange juice just doesn't taste like it should. It's almost as if who you're with and how you're feeling affects your senses. Feeling bad? Orange probably isn't going to look as v i b r a n t as it should. Lonely? It's true, that orange juice just won't be as tangy. I can testify to this, because it wasn't that long ago that I secretly titled (in my head, of course) the lonely chapter of my life "When Oranges Lost their Flavor." What makes this come to mind now? Thinking to myself that orange juice has never tasted so good!

Okay, so the truth is that the chapter title was for the book "Screw the Love Story" which is not about my life, and isn't even being written at the moment. It actually was a while ago that I kept thinking to myself that oranges' flavor and orange's color is dependent on your state of being. And right now, I'm not drinking orange juice at all. But I am thinking of a certain Someone that recently bought me my favorite orange drink (Tropical-C), which currently serves as my reminder that I'm not alone. Someone cares enough to run to Union Market on my behalf, so not only do I not have to go there by my lonesome, but I don't have to go there at all! (Well, not really, but it's a nice thought right now.) And the Tropical-C that I was able to drink was in fact the best sMeLliNg, looking, feeling, and tAsTiNg orange drink I've had ever! Oranges have in fact regained color in my life, and it's all brighter than before.