No longer cool

Apparently myspace is a fad that's already hitting it's down-trend. My Church Leadership professor told us so this morning: the HiP new trend is Faces and all us Myspacers are being outdated. I briefly wondered if I'd ever convert (because I did in fact spend some time refusing to be a Myspace member) until I realized that the point isn't being cool or uncool, it's community, and making contact with others.

We also talked about exponential growth--the pyramid theory. In myspace terms, if I am in contact with 163 people on my friends list and those 163 people are in contact with at least 100 or so each, and each of those are in contact with that many more... that's exponential math that I can't even calculate. And the question is, what message is being passed along?

"They will know we are Christians, by our LoVe, by our LoVe..." Is that my message?