Leads on Love

My Magazine Writing class calls for quick lines and less than quality articles for which to learn the magazine writing process. This has left me with no time to write my own thought-out ideas, because my energy's focused on forcing my interest and inspiration into a box of class assignments that adds to some of my worst peices of writing ever. I've kinda missed using my in-the-moment inspiration in a journal or blog, so instead I'm posting a couple of my quick leads that were due in class today. Perhaps I will learn to turn relatively forced, half-intentioned articles and leads into something remotely valuable. Until then, here's to half-intentioned writing...

Lead 1:
Rose-colored glasses and giddy feelings, anticipation of dates and celebrating anniversaries, spending hours talking about nothing, and getting closer to one person than I've been to anyone before.
I am awakened to the satisfaction of knowing that the real me is known and accepted, with no changes necessary; I desire to become a better person, even when it's not requested; I feel wholeness, because there's someone else to balance out my OCD tendancies.
This is the package they call "love," and while I've experienced many of the feelings traditionally associated with it, I still wonder if I really know what it means. Perhaps, too, I'm not the only one without a full understanding of what love really is.

Lead 2:
Cries of terror escape the lips of a Father's son. His cries are matched only by the sobs of loss coming from the woman at his feet. Nails pierce further through His hands, which is not seen past her tear flooded eyes; for which she is thankful, as the sounds alone are too terrible.
Moments pass as she calms for an instance to see her Savior lifted on a cross. Sobs renew and her mind mourns what evil reason could justify her friend, her Lord, dying as a thief.
Labored breaths pair with a crowd-shocking peace-of-mind to define his demeanor as he looks on her; the concern of her Creator glistens in his eyes. Does she know? Can she possibly understand that she is the reason that her God is love?