Whitman Impressionism

I found this American Lit assignment in my journal from 3.28.06. It inspired me more now reading it than it did then writing it, so I thought I'd share.

"We can gather our thoughts, but the Lord gives the right answer. We can make our plans but the Lord determins our steps. We may throw the dice, but the Lord determines how they will fall."
I walk easily along this road; I and this road called life. I tread safely, quick-paced with eye on a goal; a goal that will get me there. The goal my Lord and "there" my uniting with Him. Safely I walk; Soundly, forward-moving, Until a day comes, a day like any day; A day that really could be any, A day that, though like every, this time is different than every. The difference is a question--
Many questions. Questions of "what now" and "what if?" Questions of "why not" and "how come?" Questions of "when" and "will...?" Lots of questions, and "the" question: Where to from here?
From this point that I have safely arrived; this point on the road of life, Where school and work and persistence has brought me, There in that road does my essence meet the fate of its question. And that question? Meets more like it in efforts of a mere answer.
How to find the answer. What to do now. Will the answer I choose satisfy the goal of the question? Then, the answer comes. Planning, Plotting, Thinking, Developing. None of it gets anywhere until the question ("where to from here") is brought before my Lord. THEN will answer meet question.
We can gather our thoughts; We can make our plans; We can throw the dice (And there the answer is in the "but"):
But the Lord gives the right answer; But the Lord determines our steps; But the Lord determines how the dice will fall.
What does it all mean and where are my clearcut answers?
Makes no matter, when questions are brought before the Lord.