What to expect...

Someone recently asked me if there was anything I wish I would have known or had been told before Brylee was born. My answer..

I just wish I could have understood what to expect. I was always hearing the same things about getting sleep and doing stuff for myself, etc. etc. Everybody’s experiences are different, so the many warnings about getting sleep wasn’t as big of an issue for me. (Brylee slept pretty well and Daniel helped a TON.)

Then, I'd hear things like how fast time will go… it makes sense logically but there’s no way to prepare for it. I have one picture of me lying down and Brylee sleeping on my chest; I wish I would have done that a lot more and been a little more selfish with her on the weekend. I also wish we would have documented things more. We have tons of pictures, but not a lot of video. And she went through changes SO fast. In the moment I wondered how I could ever forget such special moments. Now I can’t even remember what some of those special moments are. I want video of some of those fun things she’s doing so that I won’t forget and so that she can laugh at them later too.

In general, I didn't want to be told anything until I asked, which is probably a good rule for me to follow with others.