Wild Abandonment: round two

Immediately they left their nets and followed Him. - Mark 1:18

I just got done reading one of my posts from 3 years ago about Wild Abandonment. Wow, how funny that these things go in a cycle for me. Here I am again, nervously waiting for an interview and the results that could uproot our lives. This time, with more of a life to uproot: my job and Daniel's new job, the people we get to see often, and the home we've established for ourselves--the only home we've had as our own little family. The question surfaces, What to do if God leads us to Orlando before we're ready? Then, the more sobering, What to do if God leads us to stay right where we are? My lesson for today is that wild abandonment is not necessarily about ditching my nets and it's not about living a life of reckless abandon. It's about following God's lead and recognizing when He's leading me to stay in the boat and keep fishin' or when He's leading me someplace else--as long as I'm abandoning my preconceived plans for my own life and following Him.

I'm sure I'll have more to say after the interview and the much anticipated answer.