Our Home: master before

  • Shelve under table needs organized. I think this would be a good place to store our sheets. And my past journals take up most the room.
  • Daniel's got blinds to hang, then addition of curtains. Still not sure what kind. Probably home made with fabric from IKEA.
  • Definitely need a lamp somewhere in the room. Probably a standing one, or small reading lamps that screw into the wall. I'm liking not having nightstands, so probably won't give in on that.
  • Oh, and we need a bedframe.

  • Hang Daniel's guitars. We also need a good place to put his "extra" guitar stuff.
  • I'd love to do a collection of photos and artwork on this big blank wall.

  • Mirror needs hung, and I'm going to do something to spruce it up.
  • No idea what to do with this little window.

  • Those stupid closet doors need replaced. Even if we just took them out and put a curtain or something.