The "B" Word

I think the worst thing about my toddler's boredom is what a parent of an equally bored older child would be grateful for--she does everything but actually say "I'm bored." She runs into various objects in the living room as she roams around, hopping on a book like it's her launch pad, pulling around an empty box from recycling like its new use is yet to inspire her, stepping on scattered toys as if the boredom has drugged her out of self-awareness.

When I was younger, but old enough to whine those dreadful words, my dad jokingly called it "the b-word." Once the statement's moaned, then the list of chores comes out as a list of solutions to remove boredom. Point being it would have been better to get creative and discover a de-borifying activity on our own. I guess, at this point anyway, that little life lesson would just fly right over her bored little head. And so, I succumb to a role I despise--entertainer. It takes a delicate balance to also make this a valuable learning opportunity, but for now I'll just be content to have her leave the recycling alone, quit stepping allover her toys (and other things not meant to be on the floor), and focus attention on a learning activity and one-on-one with mom.