The Cure - Week 1

I'm doing two weeks in 1 to get through Apartment Therapy's eight week cure before all the family visits for Christmas. So, here's what I've gotten done for week 1.

1. Remove one item from apartment. I got rid of a stack of addressed (and some stamped) wedding invitations and thank you cards. I apologize to everyone (especially my brother) that somehow never got these special items in the mail, but after 2 years of marriage, it was finally time to let it go!

2. Switch to envio. friendly cleaners. I already use baking soda and vinegar for the majority of my cleaning. We use bleach for the bathroom (humidity here is a beast), but apparently tea-tree-oil-and-water or borax-and-water is supposed to work as well, so I'll try that next.

3. Make a list of repairs and solutions. I made a whole list of office solutions because that's the area I'd like to focus on for this cure. I won't share the list here, but I've already started by eliminating and organizing old school papers.
4. Start a "style tray" for inspiration. It's overflowing! I already posted photos from my office style tray; here's a photo from my living room inspriation.