Documenting Pregnancy

A pregnant woman has little time to spare between the moment she announces the pregnancy on Facebook to the inevitable comments requesting belly photos. I'd rightly never ask that of at least 99.5% of my online friends, but am guilty of making such ridiculous requests of the others. Thankfully that request hasn't been made of me yet, perhaps because many assume that at 11 weeks 6 days I don't have much to show (don't tell anyone, I've shamefully been "showing" for at least a month). But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to sharing my belly photos. I can't even explain the obsession to not only want to take said photos but also the desire to publish weight gain for others to see.

Explained or not, the obsession continues.

I plan to start taking photos tomorrow. I've scoped out some inspiration and am planning it out a bit (wow, the OCD runs deep), because I've seen plenty examples of what I would like not to do. (Um, hello, I'd never take a naked photo with my child, so what about it being inside my belly makes that idea any better?) Here's some examples of pregnancy documentation done (mostly) right:
I wonder what we'll end up with?