Home Cure, Week 2

Just a few days later, and week 2 is done! Really hoping I can keep up this progress! This week's checklist, with occasional comments and a photo or two...

Week Two: Deep Treatment

Fix one thing in home yourself.

Clean kitchen top to bottom and throw out old food.
Note to self: next time I won't try to combine this with my usual Friday cleaning list. What a task!

Buy water filter and use it.

Run hands over every wall in home.
We have some major draft issues through our back door that needs addressed. That could help our tiny lizard problem too.

Clear space for outbox.
Our dining room isn't exactly the best place for it, but at least I'm constantly reminded it needs taken care of.

Clear one surface and use outbox.

Buy fresh flowers.
Still enjoying last week's.

Determine style.

Find a new recipe and cook one meal at home.
Cooking meals at home is nothing new, but trying new recipes definitely is new. I made twice-baked potatoes for the first time trying a couple Deceptively Delicious recipes from the cookbook I recently bought. I'm pretty proud of this experience and will write a post on it later.

Choose date for housewarming.
My sister visiting in a couple weeks and family visiting in December are my main "housewarming" goals. We also plan to have a game night with friends the beginning of November.

Week Two:  One-Room Remedy

Decide what activities wanted in room and where they'll go.
Lesson-planning and grade-entering, home management (bill-paying), sewing/craft space, diaper-changing, baby-sleeping and -feeding, and occasional guest crash place--there's a lot to fit into this little space!

Buy, borrow or make a floor plan tool.
Thank you The Nest for the create-a-room PDF.

 Map out room that bothers you most and work out solution.
I enjoyed playing with this "puzzle" and found a couple options that I like. We'll see how they look with real furniture. Plus side: there just might still be a spot in this room for company!

Name your vision.
Simple. Bold. Functional.

Build a shopping list.