We got more "fluffy" mail!

Our second cloth diaper order came today! There was a sale and free shipping, so it had to be done. These Thirsties Duo Wraps are the diaper covers that we'll use for Baby Boy right away. I've heard awesome things about them (good mess-containment and all those gross details).

They snap down to fit little guys, and can be unsnapped to grow with them a bit. These covers are labeled to go up to 18 lbs, but reviews say they run small so won't fit a baby that big. Still better than having to buy separate newborn covers that would fit only a couple weeks, or not at all depending on how big he is when he arrives!

Daniel had opened the package at work and apparently a coworker had a bunch of stuff left from cloth diapering their oldest (who's now 8). They didn't keep up with it for their next 2 kids because of the hassle of keeping them clean.

Of course this experience would be told on a day that our diaper laundry stinks because I'm apparently doing something wrong in cleaning them. (The general consensus is that even dirty diapers shouldn't really stink if the diapers are cleaned correctly.) Finding a good wash routine seems to be the more complicated process in cloth diapering. I washed them again with an extra rinse cycle at the end, and that seemed to help. There is one diaper that had a bit of stink even after washing, which means it probably needs to be stripped (a detailed cleaning I was hoping to avoid). We used antibiotic ointment on Brylee that got on the diaper. Creams and ointments that aren't on the "approved list" can cause bacteria build up which leads to stink. Glad I'm getting these things figured out now before I'm elbows deep in newborn diapers... and too tired to stay committed.

I am staying committed!