Home Cure, Week 3

I finished this week and got a good start on week 4. The checklist and related comments or photos below.

Week 3: Deep Treatment

Vacuum, dust and mop throughout home.

Clean entrance and related closet.

Declutter entrance.

Move old mail, magazines and catalogs to outbox.

Look into what we need to create a Landing Strip.
We need hooks (for purse, teaching bag, umbrellas, jackets if/when it gets cooler), a "stuff" collector (wallet, sunglasses, keys), a backdoor rug, and Landing Strip space at/near the backdoor (the door we use). I've found the solution I want to implement and where I'd like it. Daniel thinks it'll look cluttered. But isn't wall organization more attractive than stuff cluttered on the dining table, kitchen counter and hutch? We'll keep working on it and hopefully get something up soon, because this (below) isn't working.

Cancel unused subscriptions.

Identify cool and warm rooms.

Apply 80/20 color rule.

Cook 2 meals at home.
We have been loving BYO (build your own) tacos, especially because Publix salsa is so good! I also made Thai Peanut Curry for the first time in a few months and forgot how simple yet delicious it is.

Design invitation for housewarming.
I put together an e-vite. The "party" is going to be a casual Saturday night game night, so fancy snail-mailed invitations didn't seem appropriate.

Week 3: One-Room Remedy

Research shopping list.
We made a trip to IKEA and I scoped out some items I'd like for the nursery (mostly a Poang chair). They also had a display (picture below) with the Poang chair and green and white fabric I have that I was thinking about making into curtains. Nice to see that combo together.

We're also looking around for full bed options for Brylee (to move crib to nursery). Was hoping to buy something new, but may resort to Craigslist in order to stay in budget. IKEA did have some good neutral duvet covers that should fit with whatever she'll want to change her room to as she gets older.

Start list of proposed interior changes.

Identify warm and cool rooms.
The nursery/office is cool, which works for both functions of the room.

Determine whether window treatments are necessary.
Curtains could definitely help block out extra light during naptime.

Apply 80/20 color rule.
I think I'll be able to choose nursery items that fit in with this rule. The office area needs a little more tan or something other than green or white.

Research and call in help.
Ha! Call in help? Out of necessity, we are a "Do It Ourselves" family.