Week 33 Mirror Self-Portrait

33 weeks pregnant self-portrait

Hello, heart burn, inability to breathe, "practice" contractions and back pain. I don't imagine you'll be leaving anytime soon.

Less than 2 months! Although my predictions lean closer to 4 weeks. I've been having some mild back cramping, but no other indications of labor. Good thing, because I'd like to make it at least the next 3 weeks to let Baby Boy get to full term. He's welcome anytime after that.

In the meantime, I have yet to complete the Home Cure or any of the other many lists I've created in hopes action would follow. Got a little distracted with Brylee being sick, company, baby shower, my own sickness and recovery, and let's not forget that pesky little distraction called "pregnancy."

One thing I do know: the truly important stuff will get done.