38 Weeks

38 weeks pregnant

The watched pot never boils.

That's what keeps coming to mind and what it feels like to be the watched pot. Found out baby's facing forward instead of back like he should be, so the midwife gave me some exercises to do to try and get him to rotate. If nothing else, these hip raises, side rotations, cross-legged rocking and walks are giving a bit of daily distraction and making me feel like I can do something to get things going.

She'll be out of the office until my due date, so she also covered the latest she'd induce (January 14). Even though she didn't give any reason she thought that would be necessary, it still brought on terrible thoughts of being pregnant that late and missing my brother's wedding because of it. That's motivation enough to keep active and see what I can do to get this baby moving!

Family's here, and I've been loving the help with meals, clean-up, Brylee-entertaining and grocery shopping plus awesome distraction as we shop and relax and get ready for the holidays. Thank you, Daniel, Mom, Nick, and Michaela!