39 weeks

39 weeks pregnant

Are you kidding me?! I'm still pregnant?!

For some reason (what with him measuring big and hearing how subsequent babies come earlier) I had myself convinced that he'd be born by now. I'm starting to accept that he just might make himself cozy right through his due date, though even typing that brings a touch of worry.

Of course there's the size issue. I mean, if he was measuring big at 34 weeks, then what hope do I have of delivering him after his due date when he'd have plenty of time to become abnormally large?

Then there's the lesser tax return issue. Sure it's petty, but financially-speaking who wouldn't rather their child be born on December 31 rather than January 4?

But what really brings out that element of worry: my brother is getting married January 9 a couple hours away at St. Pete Beach. Everything has been so thoughtfully planned so that we can be there, but we won't be there if a) we're in the hospital or b) Baby Boy isn't born yet.

On the bright side: I'm still "only" 39 weeks. It's not 2011 yet. I'm less miserable than I was a couple weeks ago. And having family here has been a wonderful help and distraction. Guess we'll see if there's any news at my midwife appointment tomorrow.