Week 35: The Girl Who Cried "Labor!"

35 weeks pregnant self-portrait
 It's cool enough for a jacket! Well, 60s, but that's cool enough for these acclimated Floridians :)

"Be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded." 2 Chronicles 15:7

I heard that text on the radio this morning and really needed it. It has been the longest, most tiring week yet (and we're not even "there" yet).

Monday I was worn out, and my back hurt terribly that evening. By morning it was gone, but slowly returned later Tuesday morning until I went to my midwife appointment for my 35 week check-up. (Apparently the contractions I had last week got me to 3 cm, 50% and -2 station.)

I asked about potential causes for the back pain and she did a back-tapping test and the area that made me jump was left side indicating kidneys--either stones or need for a stint from baby putting pressure. She got another opinion of where to go from there (ultrasound in the office, ER, L&D). She sent me to Labor & Delivery where they hooked me up to an IV for hydration and antibiotic in case I had an infection, then did an ultrasound to look at my kidneys. My vain collapsed at the first IV attempt which made me nauseous, faint and eventually felt like I couldn't breathe. What a great start! I went in around 11:30a and we were out by 3:30p. Nothing showed up, just swollen kidneys aggravated by dehydration.

Went home to relax and later in the evening the back pain returned and so did contractions. I tried stretching and relaxing and walking and even sleeping. It just grew worse and was downright miserable and painful at times. I woke Daniel up at a point when the pain was too much and we got ready for the hospital. I kept wavering on whether or not we should go, but strong contractions were regular at every 8 minutes with additional smaller ones and cramping in between. We left for the hospital around 1:00a. By the time they hooked me up to everything, the contractions weren't nearly as strong or painful but still regular at every 2 minutes. I wasn't any more dilated so it seemed the contractions weren't real labor, so they decided to give me a couple shots of terbutaline (medicine to stop the contractions) and we were home by 5:00a. Just in time for Daniel to nap and head to class--what a good man!

Spent Wednesday catching up on some rest, drinking tons of water (I'm up to five 26 oz. bottles a day) and trying to take it easy. Thursday I felt good enough to take Brylee to mom's group. Still had non-regular and non-painful contractions. By the time we got home at noon I was beat and took a nap during Brylee's nap time. I woke up exhausted, so let Brylee veg while I continued to relax. The contractions became a little more regular bringing with it the back pain. Strong, painful contractions were happening every 2-4 minutes starting around 4:30p. I waited it out while Daniel made some pizza for he and Brylee. Then I had one that was unbearable that lasted a minute or so, then another the same intensity that happened right away and lasted longer, then another. I worried I was suddenly progressing really fast, so we packed up Daniel and Brylee's pizza and headed to the hospital around 7:30p. Daniel joked we were going just to get hooked up to monitors which seems to weaken the contractions. Again, not anymore dilated so more terbutaline to stop the contractions and out of the hospital by 10:00p.

 I love this picture. Brylee's carrying around her packed bag behind me talking about how heavy and big it is and genuinely seems excited to go wherever it is she'll need it.

I'm supposed to call my midwife and ask about getting terbutaline in pill form. I'm putting myself on a sort of bed rest over the weekend and hoping we can come up with a better plan on Tuesday. Because ongoing contractions that aren't doing anything for another 4 1/2 weeks would be too much. Thankfully we have amazing friends and family offering their prayers and support in a variety of ways. Brylee loved spending Tuesday afternoon with Sam, she got some sleep in the hospital Wednesday morning, and is having a blast with Kailee and Lauren last night and this morning. I can't wait to see my sister next weekend, then mom sometime after that and Nick and Shae in just over 2 weeks, then Daniel's parents for New Year's and my family for Nathan and Sherri's wedding. Baby Boy has such an amazing support group waiting for him!

In the meantime, I'm hoping my water breaks before anymore painful, regular contractions, because at this point they're just confusing and exhausting me! Trying to avoid the hospital unless necessary (though the boundaries of necessary are blurred). It seems I'm just a classic tale of the girl who cried "Labor!"