Week 36 but Measuring 39 Weeks

36 weeks pregnant self-portrait

I'm 36 weeks and measuring 39 with no other progress. I had in mind all the things I would/could do to keep busy and keep my mind off the time in these last few weeks. I'm finding myself too tired, cranky and sometimes downright sore (thank you swollen kidney) to follow through on any of it. I started the dishes on Sunday and after several mini-trips back to the sink, finally finished them last night.

Thankfully Daniel's been keeping laundry processed and helping with meals as best he can. He's still got grades and finals to focus on for the next week and a half. And my checklist isn't even appealing as it revolves around preparing for baby, and just thinking about a baby lately is exhausting. On the high notes: I got Brylee's "big sister" gift ordered and it should be here soon, my phone battery came today so no more ignoring phone calls, and our little family (including Baby Boy) seems to be otherwise happy and healthy.

Thank you, Lord, for leading us on one step at a time.