Indulgence #122: Clean Out Your Purse or Wallet

Did I mention I'm not doing these in any particular order? Indulgence #122 is in the "Practical Pleasures" category. Sure, it's nice to have a clean wallet or purse, but I took it one step further and indulged in buying a new one.

After a year and a half of stowing Brylee's things in my own purse, a new baby seemed like a good reason to start carrying a diaper bag again which also means no longer needing to carry my own purse. It's easy to stash my money and chap stick and phone in the diaper bag, but there's still the occasional outing that I need to quickly collect my things and head out without baby and without diaper bag. I confirmed this need on my first trip to Target without Ian. Not wanting to transfer my things to a purse, I held them in my hand, which can make shopping a little difficult. Or, worse, could result in losing something in the store when I inevitably set it down to look at something.

I wanted something that was about wallet size but with some sort of a strap to put around my wrist to make shopping easier. It also needed to hold my cell phone, keys and possibly some chap stick in addition to the usual wallet contents. I made my usual discount store rounds (Ross - Marshall's - TJMaxx) looking for the perfect solution and came up with the wallet shown with my diaper bag in the photo above.

It fits everything I need to grab and go without the diaper bag, and when I'm carrying the diaper bag, it fits perfectly in the front pocket. It has plenty of space for my various cards, roomy pockets for cash or checks, zippered pocket to stash change, outside fits cell phone and even chap stick and lip gloss. It's a wristlet which makes for easy carrying even when I'm using my hands to shop and I use the wristlet attachment to clip my keys. Even though I probably could have done without another wallet/purse-like thing, this has turned out to be the perfect solution. And, of course, a nice, practical indulgence.