Landing Strip Update

In Week 3 of the Home Cure I was supposed to start planning a landing strip. I wanted a place near the back door to hang jackets, bags or umbrellas. I also wanted a way to collect the little things that we drop on the counter and maybe even separate my trinkets from Daniel's. Our clutter covered the now cleaned hutch, the kitchen counter, dining room table and even the backs of the dining room chairs.

A few bucks spent at IKEA, and this is the affordable solution I came up with. Hooks to hang jackets, bags and umbrellas. Cups to gather change, sunglasses and Daniel's wallet. And a bulletin board to hang doctor's appointment reminders. With a little bigger budget and a better space there's more I'd do (rug, bench, more storage). But this was a good solution for us right now for only $5. And I know it works because Daniel says things like, "Can you grab my wallet? It's in my cup." Organization success.