Indulgence #304: Have a Dessert at the Cheesecake Factory

First, I started with Indulgence #63: Make an Appointment for a Physical. Six weeks after giving birth, this seemed like a good time to fit this in. I walked in nervous about my first check-up since giving birth to an 11-pound baby and walked out relieved that my physical won't be until July and, funnily, a little embarrassed at my new stash of contraceptives. Of course, going to this appointment without kids, I opted to leave my purse at home. So out I walked with a pocket stuffed with condoms. I love my midwife.

That evening, thanks to a thoughtful friend's offer to babysit, Daniel and I went on our first date after becoming the proud parents of our second child. We ate a delicious meal at the Cheesecake Factory, took our delicious cheesecake selections to-go, and spent a little chill time at Borders.

Best part: my wonderful date.

Next best?

Even more than the cheesecake, I was excited about my date night outfit. Skinny jeans, lacy top under a blazer, sparkly purse, and dainty sandals. When you spend your days unsuccessfully dodging spit up and cleaning up after a preschooler that can't figure out how to eat "cleanly," an opportunity to dress up with no kids around to mess it up is a pampering worth noting. And eating a fancy dessert at home in comfy sweats and a tee?

What an indulgence!