Project Eliminate: Remedy for Hitting the Wall

Project Eliminate: Remedy for Hitting the Wall

Just like a runner has to pace herself in a marathon, an attempting minimalist can't purge all at once without feeling some repercussions. It's called "hitting the wall" in physical endurance sports and Wikipedia tells me that a mild case can be remedied with rest and carbs. I'm thinking carbs won't be helpful in this situation, but rest can help any kind of exhaustion, even emotional.

Remedy for Hitting the Minimizing WallThe next remedy: Browsing the Style Tray.

Apartment Therapy got me started on this decorator's equivalent of visualizing the goal. I have a folder on my computer called "Style Trays" that categorizes my inspirational photos for each room. As I've been learning more about minimalism and trying to make my own home a little more simple (and thus organized and so many other things), I added some minimal-esque inspiration photos.

I've been marathon purging for a few days now and it's overwhelming to say the least. The wall I'm hitting is emotional for sure, as parting with things can be so difficult even when I believe wholeheartedly I'll be happier without them. So, I cleaned up the mess I had in the middle of the living room, called it a night for the eliminating side of things, and opened up the ol' style tray to relax and be reminded of why I'm doing this.


Update: I still keep a style tray for inspiration, but I now save my Home Style Tray on Pinterest >> here.