Project Eliminate: The Living Room

Tomorrow starts week 2 of Project Eliminate, and I am pretty well as done with the kitchen and living room as I will be this go around. Here's the progress...

Our movies were narrowed down to our favorites (there are a couple I've never seen that Daniel agreed to give up after I watch them), and these white boxes were cleared of unnecessary chords and electronic manuals. Now our DVDs and Wii accessories fit nicely here.

Remotes and Wii-motes are corralled in this basket under the TV. Daniel and I have talked/dreamed about the TV stand we'd buy once we make saving for it a priority. Now seeing this minimalist look makes me content with the set up we have. The one improvement we could make is conquering the chord octopus that's easily seen through the glass TV stand.

I pulled books we probably won't read again (and some we won't read period) off the shelf while Daniel was away. He approved most of them and surprised me by taking a couple more off the shelves. Our basic thoughts behind the books we kept are:
  1. books we currently reference,
  2. books that may be difficult to find in a library (i.e., those written by Ellen White), and
  3. those we do plan to read soon (of course, that criteria is vague and should probably be reconsidered).
I think this process will help us carefully consider which books are allowed into our ownership, and will get us to look at the library before considering buying. We could probably downsize our bookshelf (especially considering the extra shelves without books are just begging for clutter), but we already own this one and it could work well in a variety of spaces. I really would like to add some cubed baskets, perhaps to hide the cluttered look of the book spines.

I also moved Daniel's guitar stuff (books and black box on bottom left) from our bedroom. Whatever we end up for a reading nook I would also like to make it handy for guitar-playing. For his birthday, Daniel got some guitar wall mounts that will help the guitars to be neatly displayed out of the way, yet more accessible.

Not pictured: the piles of clutter piled around the walls of the living room waiting to be taken "away." And with that, I consider Project Eliminate: Living Room Edition a success.

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