Project Eliminate: Dresser and Bathroom

Project Eliminate: Dresser + Bathroom

Project Eliminate did not go exactly as planned. I guess that was expected, which is why so much time and energy spent early on did not induce guilt. Instead of making decisions item-by-item, it was time to pack, eliminating some along the way.

Packing up my toiletries in the bathroom was a small chore, even after outing unused items before our last move. Amazing how products multiply and hang around even after I've decided they don't work for me. I wanted to get my items down to two small cosmetic bags, making travel easy and keeping bathroom organized and contained. Then I remembered that my seemingly over-sized cosmetics bag was perfect for holding all my bathroom essentials.

After eliminating the unused items, everything fit perfectly in this bag. Neat, clean, organized. And based on the Streamline approach I just learned from reading Francine Jay's The Joy of Less, this is perfect for compartmentalizing and limiting. Side note: Shower items (shampoo and conditioner, body wash) do not fit in here and are kept in the shower; but reusable travel containers do fit in here.

Packing my dresser after eliminating clothes a few weeks prior was a piece of cake! Keep items that are not currently being worn (a few winter clothes and items not conducive to nursing) were added to a packing tub, and everything else went in this carry-on sized suitcase. Fitting everything I wear in this bag was not necessarily a goal, but I am very proud of the result. Every item in here is currently worn more than once a month and versatile. Included in this are the journal and Bible I kept on my dresser, and shoes and dresses from the closet. I amazed myself with this result; although a lamp that could also fit in said luggage would be more impressive.

Very happy with the results of eliminating, and more updates on the move to come.