Ooh La La! Beauty Spa

Ooh La La! Beauty Spa

Brylee's morning play date cancelled
My desire to update nail polish for anniversary date
a real live Fancy Nancy experience.

What an indulgence!

Just a few simple ingredients perfected our spa day:


Something has to be done with the hair, either putting it in curlers (like the ones Brylee has) or doing a deep conditioning treatment.

Face Mask

There's plenty of recipes to make one (including an oatmeal version provided by Fancy Nancy herself), but we used my warming mud mask from The Body Shop.

Foot Bath

Smooth stones in a bucket with warm water and 1/4 cup baking soda, creates smooth skin and a drop of essential oil adds a nice aromatic touch.

Nail Polish

I keep our color options limited, but the nail art stickers from my sister make the finished look a little more professional-esque.

Reading Material

We had our own copy of Fancy Nancy Ooh La La! It's Beauty Day handy to make sure we were doing it right. (Literally, the above photo shows Brylee reading it and telling me it says we need music.)

    Add a fluffy skirt, pretty necklace and fancy heels and a girl's ready for anything!

    PS, please excuse the poor quality photos. I'm still without a battery charger and the camera is still (shockingly) dead, so my camera phone will have to do until this issue is resolved.