Our Mixi {part 3: songs 19-27}

I've posted the first 2/3 of the mix I put together for Daniel in celebration of our anniversary tomorrow. Here's songs 19-27 and the story that goes with them...

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{19} Mika - Love Today

Daniel was a senior sponsor at FLA, so we went on their senior class trip which was a cruise to the Bahamas. A couple people mentioned that it must be nice to take a "second honeymoon;" not sure what part of supervising teenagers is reminiscent of a honeymoon? It was still fun, and the longest we'd spent away from Brylee. Everyone was supposed to meet up at the nightly entertainment on the ship, and this song was always playing as the intro. We both really liked it and listened to it on repeat until we were sick of it. And seeing it with clips from The Office just makes it that much more fun :)

{20} Ok Go - Here It Goes Again

The end of April 2010 Daniel found out he would not be rehired for the following school year on the same day we found out I was pregnant with Baby Two. Just when you think you're in control, here it goes again...

{21} Lion King - Circle of Life

It took a couple months, but everything with Daniel losing his job got worked out and we knew we'd be in Florida for another year, so we took a road trip to the midwest to see family and friends and help my parents move out of their home in Kansas. Daniel and Nick subbed in different words for the beginning of this song and the "new" version probably won't be forgotten anytime soon; even Brylee sings it.

{22} Rodney Atkins - Watching You

Ian was born January 2011. He's got a great man to look up to.

{23} Andy Gullahorn - More of a Man 

Daniel celebrated his golden birthday this year.

{24} Bon Jovi - Who Says You Can't Go Home

Things still weren't right at FLA. Daniel sent his resume out to a few places, but instead of him pursuing any teaching job just to have a job, we decided to step out in blind faith and move back home to the midwest. Thankfully my sister and brother-in-law opened up there home to us until we were able to get the job and home thing figured out. We're so thankful for how God worked everything out for us to come home.

{25} Katy Perry - Firework

Daniel's summer doing U-Crew got him to thinking about being a recruiter. After trying out the teaching thing and not feeling the same passion for it, he became even more determined to get a job as a recruiter. He got the job and I am so excited for him to be doing something that he'll rock at. We were talking about Katy Perry songs once and I didn't know what this one was; when Daniel described it to me, it made me think of him.

{26} Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song

Daniel didn't start his job right away, so we enjoyed some good quality family time lazing around together.

{27} Sugarland - Stuck Like Glue

Daniel might not like the Dixie-Chicks-esque sound of this song, but I love it. And the stalker story in the music video is funny :)

Also see part 1, part 2, or the final song.