Another Late Night and A Blog Recommendation or Two

My house is chaos. Crafting things spread over the dining table in attempt to finish magnets for Brylee's chore board. Blocks and others of Ian's toys scattered around the living room (Brylee cleaned up all of her things before bed--direct product of said chore chart). Clean laundry piled on top of the dryer and on Daniel's side of the bed waiting to be folded or hung or something other than crumpled and neglected--at least it's clean.

Trash is stuffed full and begging to be taken out--I forgot to ask Daniel to take it before he left for his trip today; something about two kids in constant need of something makes the journey down 3 flights of stairs to the dumpster a little too much to ask for this mom to fit into her day. Thankfully most of the dirty dishes hide nicely inside the dishwasher (because, for the first time in our marriage, we finally have one!), but the dirty pizza and cookie pans on the stove aren't so easily hidden.

Sleeping early is never an option when Daniel's away--an empty bed just isn't inviting. That's fine, because judging by previous described apartment, I have plenty to do. First on the list: magnets. Online I go to find the inspiration I need to create just a few (okay, 10) more magnets.

{Image Pinned on Fabric Flowers}

And that's the furthest I've gone. Sitting, 2 1/2 feet from the craft-covered dining table, lost in a screen.

More specifically, discovering a new-to-me blog: Little Miss Momma. Crafty and cute and creative and seemingly more than I could even attempt to become.

I'm about to leave the computer inspired by what I've seen, but mostly down on myself for not being as... everything... as I could or should be and, even more so, upset that I'd let myself spend so long escaping the messy reality that surrounds me. Then, I stumble upon one of her (Little Miss Momma's) guest posts.

Casey Wiegand writes about A Momma's Fears. Incredible. Seriously, take a moment and read it. I'll wait...

I've been needing that. I crave more of Jesus in my everyday. In the fun and creative blogs I love browsing. In the interactions with my sweet little girl. In the conversations with my husband that close each day. In my passions and obligations. Daily reminders to loosen my grip around the people, things, hobbies in my life and present them with open hands to Jesus, because it's His Kingdom that matters most.

According to a comment on the post, that inspiring quote at the end is from the book A Beautiful Offering: Returning God's Love with Your Life. I Pinned it as a Book to Read.

From there, I stumbled into the olive tree's Devotional Wednesday which I will be reading regularly. Where have these stylish Christian bloggers been all my life?!  Love it!!

{Artwork from grace for grace Etsy shop}

And now, I can leave my computer screen both inspired AND encouraged and even a little more focused. On Christ. And His love. And the tasks before me that, when done heartily before the Lord, will somehow bring me closer to Him.