Wall Art and Finger-Painting

I just love when doing something fun also gets something done! And that's just what Brylee and I did today. As a going away gift, Brylee's little friends in Florida gave her the above painting with all of their hand prints on it. They also gave her the leftover paint to add her hand print to the small empty spot in the center. (She was sick our last two weeks we were in Florida, so she never really got to say "goodbye" to any of them). I've been meaning to get this done before we hang it.

Notice anything different between the photo above and the one below? (Besides that one was taken with a Canon Powershot and the other with my camera phone.) Today, it got done!

Once we got that out of the way, she got to use up the extra paint (some of it had dried out already), and do a finger painting.

I've been wanting to let Brylee do something this fun and messy for a while!

We even pulled out a couple containers from recycling for her to paint the rim and stamp down to make different sized circles--how creative are we? :)

The baby version of this is letting a baby "paint" his high chair with different colors of yogurt. I'll get that brave next time. But Ian still had a blast eating his little finger snacks and watching Brylee. "Do Something Sunday" was an all around success!