Have You Printed Your Monthly Calendar?

My part-time work started turning no-time last week when I left time management to the wind. I read a Parents.com article 10 Ways Mom Can Balance Work and Family, and was reminded I need a family calendar to keep track of all the pieces on our family's schedule.

It's so easy to open up Word and print one or find a downloadable calendar on-line. This is where my OCD colors shine: None of those are good enough. I don't like the lines or the fonts or how the 1-inch margarines and images put space to waste. So, I made my own.

It's with (slightly embarrassed) pride, I introduce Beginner's Guides monthly calendar. If you like what I came up with, feel free to download and print for yourself.

August 2011 Minimalist Calendar
September 2011 Minimalist Calendar