A Moment of Peace and Quiet and an Update {or Five}

There's something about 11 p.m. (or, now 1:40 a.m.) that's making me fall in love. My husband and kids sleeping peacefully frees me to truly take a guilt-free moment to myself. (Well, almost guilt-free. At some point guilt appears when I realize I've gotten lost in the moment and need to get rest in order to continue meeting the family's needs in the morning.) But for now, it's just me, background noise on Netflix (I guess I don't know how to deal with quiet), and catch up time on the internet, and updating the blog.

UPDATE 1: I am distracted.

My sister is having a baby in as little as four (!) weeks, and we're throwing a small shower Friday to celebrate. I've enjoyed checking out all the inspiration. Like this adorable baby shower from Lovely Nest.

I love the twine and clothespins idea and in fact have them leftover from my own baby shower, so those will be put to good use. I also love the onesies they came up with for the activity in lou of games! Similar to the headband idea that my creative sister-in-law did for Trista's family shower over 4th of July weekend. But we'll leave the arts and crafts out of this co-ed shower.

And this this apple shower from Passys & Parties.

Of course the boy colors don't work and the apple useage is a little over-the-top for me, but still so inspiring and so much creativity! I definitely took the "apple a day keeps the baby blues away" idea :)  We'll see how our cheaper, girlier, simpler take of this baby shower turns out.

UPDATE 2:  We did something fun for "Do Something Sunday."

After an entire day of doing nothing, it's tempting to not break the trend.

But we did. We got out of the house for a few minutes at the children's museum before it closed (the joys of a membership!), went out for Coldstone ice cream, and ended it all with a movie with my sister and brother-in-law. No day is complete without seeing them :)

UPDATE 3: "Epic Christianity" is constantly on my mind even if it's not all I write about.

This song says it well. And there is more to come on these Friday posts; I'm always looking for ideas and inspiration to live epicly for Christ everyday.

UPDATE 4: I'm excited about the post ready for "Green Grab bag" Thursday.

A friend is always inspiring me through the photos she takes of her garden and most recently their new home. I'm excited to share her interview answers and hopefully a couple of her awesome photographs.

UPDATE 5: I have more ideas for updating the blog.

Most of the time, updating this blog seems futile at best. Instead of going into all of the reasons this blog's existence doesn't make sense, I'll just say I'm excited to share the things that inspire me in hopes that someone else might also be inspired to live a little more passionately. And lately I've had a lot more ideas of making it a little more reader-friendly to help do that. So, more to come :)