Small Space Entertainment Center Solution

Small Space TV Stand
We came up with an entertainment center that works for our small space. While it's not entirely original, it is a little bit outside of the box and a creative use of our living space.

Features of Our Minimalist TV Stand

Fresh Perspective on Layout

We've been in a few apartments in this building, seeing different takes on using the living room space, and everyone seems to have the same idea that the wall in the photograph is part of the hallway and should not contain anything more than a shelf or art. The sofa is often against one of the narrow walls with entertainment stand opposite that, eliminating about 3 feet from the overall size of the living room. We wanted to make the best use of that space.

Wall-Mounted TV

Making the best use of our space meant using the hallway wall to "display" our TV. Everything had to become one with the wall in order to not interfere with walking through, and a TV wall mount made that happen.

New Use for LACK Floating Shelf

We have four LACK floating shelves from IKEA that we wanted to use in new ways. I originally had the idea of using our MALM bookshelf as part of the entertainment center, but the floating shelf was much more visually light, uncluttered and less in the way. 

Versatile Storage Ottomans

Once Daniel suggested using the floating shelf, I knew I wanted storage ottomans to rest underneath--something that could house unused blankets, hide toys when they're not being played with, and be easily pulled around for impromptu foot rests, drink rests, or butt rests. My brother came up with plans to make some that would cost less than $100. Then I found the 3 in the photo on clearance for $13 each at Target for a grand total of $36. Can't beat that! 

Hidden Chords

Okay, so this is the one thing that we don't have figured out in this set-up. There's ways to hide chords, but the truly efficient way is to put them behind the wall. Not really an option in a rented apartment. So, for now, we have as much chordage as possible hiding in an ottoman (you should have seen the chord octopus before I hid it in the ottoman!) and we ignore the rest.

Clearing Out the Excess

The only way this sort of minimalist entertainment center is possible, is to eliminate the excess. We've never really had a huge movie collection or a lot of electronic equipment, but before moving we still had unused movies and electronics to get rid of. Doing so made this come together really well.

Next Up: Media Fast

A media fast is one of my upcoming "indulgences," and writing a whole blog post on our TV makes me feel even more like I need a break from it.

Over the fourth of July weekend our family stayed at my brother's in-laws. The couple days we were there we all oohed and aahed at the wonderful place they had out of the hustle and bustle and with plenty of spaces to encourage family time. My favorite was outdoors with the gorgeous pool, various areas for lounging, hottub and outdoor fireplace. It took a day before I realized the one thing "missing" from the set-up... TV and computer. And really, rather than feeling like it was missing, I believe that was one thing that made the atmosphere so inviting and so conducive to relaxing.

I envy people that don't have a TV. Someday we just might take that plunge (I can already hear my husband's disapproval). In the meantime, I'm happy with our space-saving solution and will update on the media fast when it happens.


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