My Office/Blogging Nook Gets a Minimalist Redo

As you can see from the "before" photo above, my little office/blogging nook left much to be desired. My part-time work is piled up under the table, the printer takes up 1/4 or more of my "desk" space, ditto with the files, the folding chair is uncomfortable and doesn't even belong to me and this photo is actually cleaned up! Normally Brylee and Daniel have randomness accumulating on whatever space remains.

It was time to do a little cleaning up.


I love starting with a blank slate. A small white table and a white wall. So many possibilities.


Before adding color or warmth, I needed to get back to the basics, which are:
1. Lamp and computer the only things on the desk space;
2. framed and covered cork board and framed fabric used as a marker board on the wall in front of me;
3. file organizer repurposed as wall organization holding pen, pencil, marker, paper clips, and papers that need to be referenced but not permanently filed.

What happened to everything else?

The printer was relocated to the bedroom sitting next to Daniel's desk space. The files were relocated to the small dresser where other office supplies are stored. Work stuff moved to front closet. Brylee's things were returned to her room; Daniel's things returned to his (although, I need to figure out a different landing strip for his wallet, keys, etc., because this is where they currently land).

{Chair from Amazon and Pinned to Office Nook}


This is the step that I have yet to complete. I'm going to enjoy this minimalist space for a while longer before adding much more in warmth and color. Also high on the list: a chair! I like the idea of a cushy, upholstered chair that adds color and warmth. Perhaps as a birthday gift to myself? I think so :)

In the meantime, loving this clean, minimalist space!