Why DIY?

why i diy

In Hobby Lobby, I'm trying to get ideas for turning Brylee's chore chart magnets into something cute and more reminiscent of a reward rather than unwanted junk drawer leftovers. There are so many options of pre-made flowers and jewels--everything I imagined--I just have to decide which to get. Then, I stop, put it all back and start looking for the tools I need to make the flowers myself.

My mom offers to buy them, because, as she said, after we buy the things we need and put all the work into it "it's just not worth it" and we'll wish we'd gone with the pre-made option. I tell her I'm doing it so I have something to blog about. That's true. Also because, when done right, DIY has many benefits.

Why I "DIM" (do it myself)

Saves Money

This isn't always true of DIY. But, when done carefully and resourcefully, it definitely saves money. For instance, spending $.90 on materials to cover chore board magnets rather than $18. Percentage-wise, that's huge savings!

Saves the Planet

It's in the 3 Rs: reduce REUSE recycle. If I can redo something I already have to be reused, then I am refusing to buy new and reducing my consumption, which are all more environmentally friendly than recycling or trashing when an item is no longer useful to me.

Encourages Creativity

This is a "use or lose it" concept. "To everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance." {Matthew 25:29} Even if you don't exactly consider yourself creative (eh hem, like me), even finding and implementing ideas from someone else does wonders to encourage creativity. Because you'll find your own ways to tweak the project to fit your needs, abilities and resources, and that, my friends, is being creative.

Personalizes Product

I just mentioned the whole idea of tweaking-the-project-to-fit-your-needs. Beyond meeting boring things like needs, doing it yourself means filling fun things like wants and bringing all together in a package that's slightly unique and different from the mass-produced items you'll find in the store.

Introduces the Creator

God created every extravagant detail of our world, and created us in His image {Genesis 1:27}. "Creating" flowers to cover a magnet is like a terrible stick-figure drawing compared to God's original masterpiece! But, when we make things for ourselves (or a version of create), we learn a little more about God's powerful ability, His magnificent creation, and the likeness in which we were created.

Tells a Story

I could buy a quilt for Ian's bed or a duvet cover for Brylee's or art to put in a frame. But when I make these things myself, there's a story to go with it. There's my memory of how it came into being, or an added dimension of what makes it special rather than just being pretty.

Fair Trade

There's just no other way to put this: Most of the things we buy aren't people-friendly. That's to say, to offer products for cheap, many companies use cheap labor overseas, without offering workers quality work environments or fair wages. Making certain things myself (as long as I'm careful of where the tools to do so come from) keeps me from buying products that encourage these terrible working environments.

Every gifted artisan in whom the Lord has put wisdom and understanding shall do according to all that the Lord has commanded. | Exodus 36:1

What did I miss? Why do you choose to make it yourself?