Why I Blog

Why I Blog
Sometimes I question why I bother with blogging. Maybe it's just my insecurities speaking or maybe it's a legitimate question. I mean, with hundreds (thousands? more?) of truly great blogs out there, is it really necessary for me to add my smaller-scale two-cents?

The conclusion I've come to: Maybe not necessary for the blogging world, but it is necessary for me, and here's why.

Writing Practice

I enjoy writing. I enjoy it so much my bachelor's degree is emphasized with it. I started a blog to use this skill by writing about things I enjoy so I wouldn't lose this ability. As a kid I used to think "talents" in Matthew 25 literally referred to abilities, but the point still applies. The man who hid his talent in the ground (verse 25) got it taken away from him and given to the man with ten talents (verse 28). Simple principle of "use it or lose it" that I'm using on this blog.


Accountability partners are helpful when trying to make a life change or form a new habit. Whether I'm doing a simplifying challenge, cloth diapering, or trying to live life more fully, this blog (or, more so, you as readers/friends) are my accountability partners.


A good idea turns reality when I get excited about turning it into a blog post. Maybe it's the fun of sharing with others, or just the genuine interest in whatever I'm trying/learning. Either way, blogging gives me motivation to do something.

Sharing the Good News

In grade school we memorized the following that has stuck with me:
We are writing each day a letter to men;
Take care that the writing is true;
It is the only gospel some men will read--
The gospel according to you.
This refers to how our actions "speak" our gospel to others. But being interested in writing, I've always applied it to my actual writing--the Good News of Jesus according to me. Blogging is an opportunity to share all sorts of pieces of that testimony in practical ways. And, hopefully, an opportunity to "stir up love and good works" (Hebrews 10:24) or perhaps an on-line attempt to "comfort each other and edify one another" (1 Thessalonians 5:11).


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