Fall Home Cure Time! {Day 1: Clean One Room}

Just happened to notice on my Facebook page that Home Cure is back! They're doing the 20/20 Cure again (20 minutes for 20 days), and while I skipped out on it last fall, it sounds like the perfect solution for this fall!

I'm technically a little behind (today, the 28th, is actually Day 5), but instead of rushing through things and getting burned out early or skipping something important, I'll just complete each day as it happens. And today happens to be Day 1 in the Cress household :)


As soon as I realized The 20/20 Cure had already started, I was anxious to jump in. (Oddly, I feel left out when it starts without me :) So I watched Maxwell's video (from the link above) then told Daniel we had 20 minutes to get the house cleaned.

{Start Time: 4:10 p.m.}

Daniel, Brylee and I all jumped to action.

Dusting: surfaces in the living room, bedroom side table, window sills and ledges, guitars, frames, lamps.

Sweeping: kitchen.

Vacuuming: kitchen rugs, living room, bedrooms, hall, random gnats out of window sills throughout house from keeping windows open for a few weeks.

{End Time: 4:30 p.m.}

Seriously, didn't even time it, and we took exactly 20 minutes (well, 18 minutes, because Daniel didn't take me seriously until 4:12) to finish all of the surface cleaning mentioned above which is basically our entire apartment (excluding bathrooms; those take their own 20 minutes).

Then, we even took the energy we now had to clean for a couple extra minutes, Daniel cleaning door knobs (especially in Brylee's bathroom where she usually has food on her hands when she opens the door to wash them), me processing some laundry, and Brylee spot cleaning the Kitchen tiles with a wet Swiffer.

Yes, that is success! Not only is the house that much cleaner without too much time or effort, but I realized just how much more I hope to get done in the next 19 days. Amazing what a simple thing like natural light flooding through an uncovered window can reveal. No more hiding my head in the sand. We've been here long enough, it's time to "cure" our home.

And nothing like following Day 1 with a quality day of rest :) I'll begin again Sunday with Day 2.