Pinterest {More than Just Pinning}

{leaving her mark pinned to Spiritual Goal Board}

A few weeks into it, I love Pinterest! The "Pin It" button makes it so easy to save yummy recipes, crafty projects, or even a wish list. It's hard to explain exactly what makes it so addicting. Inspiration and potential are just a couple words that come to mind.

But is all of this pinning just a fancy new time waster?

Not for me. Here are just a few things I've done since and thanks to Pinterest.

{dining chairs}
Buy Dining Chairs

We have a dining room table and no chairs to go with it. While I did my on-line shopping, I pinned my favorites to my "Dining Table Needs Chairs" board (soon to be deleted, because I'm done with it). Daniel and I narrowed the selection, until we chose the chairs we bought this last week. I am so anxious to finally sit at our 3-month-old but rarely used table:)

{pin-tucked duvet}

Pin-Tuck a Duvet Cover

Seriously, I am not sure if or when I would have ever ran into the DIY-pin-tucked-idea on my own. I pinned one I liked from my Pinterest app on the iPhone onto my "Preschool Cuteness" board (a board for ideas to use with Brylee or for her room). I was able to find the tutorial to inspire me with how easy this would really be, found the duvet the next day and sewed it the day after that. Easy as that, and so beautifully detailed! Probably my favorite project inspired by Pinterest so far.

{fabric flower}
Make Fabric Flowers

Once I decided to cover magnets with fabric flowers, I knew I'd need some inspiration and how-to to get it done. I didn't have Pinterest when I first started the project, but once I had my account, I pinned several fabric flower tutorials to my "Fabric Flowers" board and it really sped the process and perfected the results. I was also able to start and stop the project easily because my inspiration and tutorials were collected in one place and easily accessible whenever I was ready.

{crate covers}
Sew Crate Covers

This project is actually something I completed before Pinterest. But, Pinterest helped me refind the tutorial so I could pin it to my "DIY Ideas" board for future reference. These little crate covers sure are clever!

Tie a Scarf

I don't consider myself particularly fashionable, so having fashion inspiration for me to copy is a perfect attempt to stay in style. My "Fashion Wish List" is where I keep the styles I like so I have a clear idea of pieces to buy or outfits to recreate. My favorite, however, is learning a few new ways to tie a scarf which will help me not tire of them so quickly this fall and winter.

{Broccoli and Chicken Casserole}
Try New Recipes

Okay, so besides for the frozen hot chocolate from last week, I haven't exactly done this yet. But it's on the schedule for next week. In fact, everyday next week I will be trying a recipe that I have pinned to my "Recipes to Try" board. More on that to come in the next couple weeks, once the trying has been done :)