The 20/20 Cure {Days 10-12: list of needs, one room, flowers er lemons}

Life is too short to do everything by the book. I will complete Day 9 of The 20/20 Cure. But it involves finding a recipe and cooking dinner at home (I'm not scared of that, we do it all the time), but we happen to be going out on a date tonight, so I'll get back to Day 9 later this week. I already have a couple recipes saved on Pinterest I'm excited to try out! But for today, I list needs for our home, clean a room, and again avoid buying more flowers.

Now, I'm over halfway done and caught up! (Temporarily :)


Our home improvements happen in stages, as with most things, based on the budget. If it's necessary for the bones or structure of making our home function, then it gets worked into our household budget line (this is rare). If it's related to aesthetics and I want it because it's pretty, then it comes from my spending money. This month I happen to have a little more spending money than usual, and I'm deciding to put it into our home and this Cure.

I have a running list for our home that's much longer than 6 items, but it was pretty easy to choose my top picks for this Cure. The mirror and tray are for the living room bookshelf; the bookshelf, lamp and shower caddy are for our bedroom and bathroom; and the shoe organization for our front closet.

I've already bought two things out of the list of six. My husband helped me choose the circle mirror for our living room (first photo above), which we found at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. Then, I found the bookshelf for our room on Craigslist after a couple days of browsing Wal-mart, Target and Amazon. I did a quick check on the Craiglist app for iPhone, found something we liked, e-mailed on it, got a call back within seconds, and only spent $10 on this real wood bookshelf. We can paint or refinish it later, or leave it in all its light-wood glory.


The video for Day 11 is by far my favorite. In a previous Cure, he was told he was like Mr. Rogers, Martha Stewart and Bob Ross all-in-one. So this is his Mr. Roger's video :) They also have some links to a few playlists to clean to that might be worth checking out if you want some ideas. I just listen to "New Shoes" on repeat on YouTube :) Today, I wanted to clean up our bedroom.

{Start Time: 8:35 a.m.}

Hung clothes, dusted, moved dresser back to original spot from trial placement, cleaned mirror with cleaner and newspaper (seriously, it works).

{End Time: 9:20 a.m.}

I seriously need to wait until Daniel's home to do my cleaning sprees. The kids take too much of my focus to really get anything done in twenty minutes.


While you're at it, watch the video for Day 12 too. Especially if you waver like I do on this whole weekly flower buying ritual. It makes sense now. The whole point is that it does need refreshed each week. I liked his idea with fruit. We replenish our fruit each week, and that's a similar way of adding fresh color and life to the home.

This week, I specifically bought a bunch of lemons instead of flowers. I love the look of fresh lemons in a clear bowl (seriously, probably even more than flowers). Before we moved, I promised myself I'd start buying them regularly to a) add to cooking or drinks and b) to use with the recipes from my Salt, Vinegar, Baking Soda, Lemons book. This is just the pop of life and color I needed on a dreary day like today!

{PLEASE, do share}
I'd love to hear about your own {beginner} experiences. What are your six needs for your home? What music helps pep up your cleaning routine? Or how do you add fresh color and life to your home?