Change-Up to Pizza Night {at-home date}

For this week's at-home date night I planned a little change up to pizza night. And nothing changes things up and sets the mood quite like white lights :)

We ate in the living room with lights strung above us between our four dining chairs. Pizza (Freschetta--our fave) served on a tray (first time we've ever eaten "communal-style" like this), and we each had our own bowl of salad. Then water fancied and flavored up with lemons.

Brylee picked out the flowers for Daniel. Again, not something I normally do, BUT... The 20/20 Cure gives me extra motivation. PLUS... I'm learning to make an effort on date night, and buying flowers definitely takes effort.

I also got cheesecake from High Society. (Delicious cheesecake!) I lost my coupon for BOGO free, but it was 2-for-Tuesday, so we still got a discount on this yummy treat.

We watched The Change-up after the kids went to bed. Another funny one that had potential to be funnier if it wasn't rated R. I'm realizing I need to plan more dates that don't involve a movie. Even so, it's fun to use the movie to talk about things we wouldn't normally talk about. Like with our Bad Teacher/brown bag date night, we talked about elementary school memories.

The question from this movie that I wouldn't otherwise think to ask: If our appearance was altered and we were unrecognizable to each other, what would we say/do to let each other know it was us? I find it fun (or maybe reassuring?) to remember the things we know about each other that others don't know--that's intimacy.

I had ideas for making the evening themed with the movie, but I gave up on that when the printer wouldn't work for the "date night" graphic I threw together.

Oh, well.

{Overall, change-up to at-home pizza/date night was a success!}