Dinner and a Movie {at home}

Guess who's turn it was to plan date night last night? That's right--mine!

Last week we got a babysitter and Daniel took me to a new restaurant for some delicious fire-baked food. Amazing veggie burger!! Spicy, but amazing. Then we went to Barnes & Noble for some quiet reading time. Can't go wrong with that :)

This week, I opted for another at-home date. Classic dinner and a movie.

The perfect version in my head includes me dressed up like I'm ready to go out on a nice date, welcoming Daniel home from work with flowers. The house is clean, children happy, and food ready to eat. The table nicely set with candles lit and a vase ready for said flowers. A movie we both want to see is rented, in the blu-ray version, of course, and movie snacks are nicely set out. Oh, and some family fun activity to do before the kids go to bed has been decided.

Funny how the visions in my head are rarely reality. Time was working against me as I didn't get home with groceries until after Daniel had already come home from work, and I still had yet to shower and get ready. What a great start, huh? But it really did all turn out well.

I got the food put away, pointed Daniel to the recipe we were trying for supper, and headed to the bathroom to get ready. {Side note on getting ready: some form of primping or dressing up is essential to every date night. Even if our date is putting on PJs for "breakfast in bed" there's still 3 minimums I've set for every date with my husband: I must shower, shave, and no granny panties!}

I gave Daniel the "flowers" I got him, which is actually greenery. It seemed more masculine and I like it better than roses.

We had delicious Spicy Thai Noodles for dinner. Seriously, so simple and yummy! However, even the lesser amount of crushed red pepper suggested still made this dish a little spicy for us. We'll be having it again, but with less spice :)

And taper candles set the perfect mood for a date night dinner at home.

After the kids were in bed we got ready for the movie. The tub of popcorn and boxed candy helped give the theater feel. Then we chose a movie from Netflix on the Wii.

Overall, fun date night.