Being Happy with Less | a flat girl's dilemma

Beauty has nothing to do with size and everything to do with contentment for who we are. Big is beautiful. Small is beautiful. YOU are beautiful.
My breastfeeding days have disappeared, and so has my cleavage. It's nothing new. I've always had a flat chest. The exceptions being pregnancy and nursing. Also, when I gained 25 pounds in college, but who wants to fit into bigger jeans just so they can also fit into a bigger bra? Not me.
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It seems there are two "solutions" to the flat-chest "dilemma:"
1. Get a boob job; or
2. Buy some sort of miraculous (and expensive) push-up bra.

Because, really, who wants to be flat-chested? We're all convinced having boobs is an important part of being a woman, and somehow our society is lost in the misconception that bigger is better.

As hard as it sometimes is, I'm choosing to not believe that misconception. If those options don't appeal to you either, allow me to propose an easier, cheaper third option: Be content with what we've got.

Why Au Naturel

This is in no way against my friends and others that have gotten implants. This is simply to fight my own temptation, and remember the reasons to be happy with what I've got.

It disproves the misconception.
I'm bothered that women are expected to fit into a specific mold to be considered attractive, and top of that list is boob-size. Small is in the broad spectrum of normal and is not a "problem" to be fixed. I get to have my actions follow my believes by staying au naturel.

It's green. And minimalist.
Even though I'm not great in my efforts, I have a desire to be environmentally friendly and to become minimalist. Sticking with what I've got accomplishes both.

It sets an example for my daughter.
I want my daughter's self-worth to be deeper than her appearance, and I want her to accept and love herself the way God made her. Initially, she'll learn by example. Even if I can't disprove the breast-size misconception to the masses, maybe I can at least disprove it to her.

It's healthy.
As with any surgery, complications are not uncommon during breast implant surgery. I can avoid all of the related hazards by opting out of the surgery.

It puts value where value belongs.
Most of us have heard that we vote with our dollars. That's not just at the grocery store. That's true for things like voluntary surgery. The more media hypes larger breasts, the more people will get implants, the more value is placed on large breasts, and the more advertising and other media are going to continue to emphasize it reinforcing our "need" for it. It's a vicious cycle that can only be broken one individual at a time.
Flat-Chested Actresses | Beauty is Beyond Size

Why Excessive Padding Isn't Any Better (for Me)

The temporary solution to small boobs is pushing and padding whatever little bit we've got to make it appear larger. It's a simple enough solution that lots of women choose. In fact, finding bras with minimal padding can actually be a challenge. While it works for some, there are a few reasons I'm also skipping the route of excessive padding...

It's fake.
I'm learning to appreciate my body for what it is, and part of that is having small boobs. Adding padding to it feels fake, because it is fake. Especially for us flat-chested women who have nothing there to push up.

It's false advertising.
In college, my now-husband and another friend were talking about girls wearing padded bras. The point was made that it was false-advertising and whatever man they end up with will be disappointed to see that they actually have small breasts. It was more of a humorous conversation, but it stuck with me. Why do I feel the need to false-advertise? What do I gain by making people believe I'm larger than I really am? When I answered honestly that I gain nothing from it, I decided it wasn't for me.

It's uncomfortable.
I hate underwire. Always have. Ditto too much padding. It's just uncomfortable.

Men like boobs, not padding.
While push-up and padding can look attractive, it mostly gets in the way when it comes to alone time with the husband. And that's all I'm going to say about that.
Beauty shines through love and grace--for yourself and those around you.

Being Happy with You

Beauty has nothing to do with size and everything to do with contentment for who we are. Here are a few simple ways to be happy being you, no matter your size.

1. Choose new beauty role models.

Have you ever thought someone was beautiful that had nothing in common with you? I have. They have straight blonde hair, I have curly brown hair. They have womanly curves, I look like I'm 12. They have natural beauty that doesn't need makeup, I have acne. You get the idea.

I think it's okay and even healthy to have people that inspire us to be our best. Along with that, it's important that those inspirations encourage us toward our best not their best. I've started to seek out stars who have curly, frizzy hair because I can actually get haircut and styling ideas that help me. That's a small example, but it can be someone that doesn't have similar features at all. Maybe they just have a calming presence or exhibit a fitness that you aim for. Be inspired, and be realistic.

2. Shop for your body.

Don't shop for the size you think you should be, or the size you are at that one store, or the girl who's not your size at all. Ignore the numbers and ignore what works for someone else. Look for the clothes that fit and look good on you.

3. Love more.

Beauty shines through our love and our grace for ourselves and for those around us. Using kind words, looking for the good, and accepting the imperfect. The more we love, the more our beauty shines.

Beauty doesn't know sizes. Big is beautiful. Small is beautiful. You are beautiful.


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