A Healthy Good Time {at-home date night}

Having a "healthy good time" was the theme of our at-home date last night.

Before you write it off as lame, give me a chance to explain. Daniel has been researching exercise bands and finally ordered a set that arrived over the weekend, hopefully motivating us to finally start exercising together. We're also talking more about changing our eating habits and possibly going vegan. All of this combined, what was I supposed to do about date night? Of course, try out the new bands together and keep the meal healthy.


Our evening included a 30-minute toning workout from a DVD that came with the bands, followed by a healthy meal of black beans over brown rice (which combine to create a perfect protein), NuVibe smoothies (earning a free smoothie thanks to 2-punch Tuesday--I love you, Velvet Elvis!), and watching 50/50.

Now that I type that and read it, I realize it might be a little lame and probably not so blog-worthy. But there really is potential to make this a fun themed date night. And if you happen to be in the first week or two of deciding to eat healthier and exercise more, this is a good way to stick with the plan and enjoy a healthy date. (I'm not sure how we'll fit a regular date in with a workout, but we'll figure it out.)

Here are some other ideas I had along the "healthy good time" theme:

{kick class}

A lot of gyms will offer one free pass or a trial week. If you don't already have a gym membership, this could be a fun way to work out and try something new. Maybe there's even a class you could try out together.

{lemon pepper pasta}

Either check a cookbook out from the library, choose one you already have, write down a recipe from a book at the bookstore, or check out a healthy food blog. Choose the recipe together, and spend the evening cooking a new, delicious, and healthy meal together.


Ever worked out surrounded by candles? Me neither. But this could set the perfect mood for some romantic yoga. Which would probably set the mood for other things. Or head to a park or a lakeside or, if you're lucky enough, the beach and do your workout there.


If you're like us, you got the Wii Fit thinking of how great it would be stay in shape while having fun family time. Within a couple months (a couple weeks?) the balance board is gathering dust underneath the sofa. Pull it out and have some Wii Fit, Just Dance or Wii Sports fun. Hoola Hoop competition anyone?

{Forks Over Knives}

Not exactly date night material, is it? Probably not. However, documentaries are adding more fun and entertainment to the information. They can also be life-changing, so why not have a life-changing ah ha moment together? Food Inc., Forks Over Knives, Super Size Me. They're all on Netflix, and highly recommended.

{life-changing ideas notebook}

Reviving your lives with good food, movement and other healthy habits can also be just the thing you need to revive your relationship. Working together, holding each other accountable, encouraging one another--these are the things healthy relationships are made of, so why not get started now together? Talk about goals and challenges, write things down, and get closer to each other as you get closer to your goals.

I hope that gets your creative juices flowing. Oh! Try juicing. Okay, I'm done. And if you happen to use this date night idea, please tell me about it! I'd love to see the fun new twists you can put on this.