Beans & Rice and Smoothies {Vegan, Versatile, Kid-Friendly, Nutritious}

Almost a week into our vegan diet and not too much has changed. No, let me rephrase that. Not too much has changed with our menu, but plenty has changed in how I'm feeling (for the better)! More on that later.

A lot of what we eat is already vegan or is easily made vegan. It's not hard to keep the cheese off our go-to lunch of pita pockets (hummus and veggies are plenty to make a delicious pita). Kind of makes me wonder why we didn't make this change sooner. Alas, in the realm of healthy lifestyle changes, late is always better than never.

However, I'm struggling a little bit on what to feed the kids. They've both hit a recent bout of pickiness, probably to blame on our recent macaroni and pizza eating spree. (What? It was easy and I was feeling burnt out on meal-planning and cooking.) So, what do you turn to when cheese is out and a health-focused diet is in?

Two meal options that the kids love and we happily will continue to eat, vegan or not: rice with beans and smoothies. Who knew getting a perfect protein (among other valuable nutrients) could be so versatile and delicious? We did :)

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