Daniel & Trina's Space for Family Living {Because Small IS Cool!}

{my favorite Small Cool 2012 entry}

Have you checked out Apartment Therapy's Small Cool 2012 contest? So cool! Our apartment has just recently gotten to a state that I'm proud of, so I thought we'd have a real chance of being chosen as a contestant. (Apartment Therapy staff chooses "the strongest entries" to be part of the contest.) That was last week and still no word. And now that I look over the entries they've chosen, I realize our space isn't unique or decorated enough to be in that group. However, I love our minimally decorated home and I'm still house proud of our small cool space... so, here's my Small Cool 2012 entry :)

Name: Trina
Location: Lincoln, Neb.
Square Feet: 995
Division: Small

What I Love About My Small Home
I love green both as a color and a verb and working both into our space. I especially love that our small home puts limits on our stuff, encourages our green endeavors, promotes minimalism, and motivates creativity.

Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space
Biggest challenge #1: incorporating family living for four (play space, work space, entertaining, etc.) into a 2-bedroom apartment. We overcome that by having fresh perspective on layout, strategically breaking a few design rules, and eliminating unnecessary furniture. (Hanging all of our clothes took away the need for dressers making room for 2 workspaces in our bedroom and play space in the kids' room, wall-mounting our TV made room for kids play things hidden away in ottomans, and hanging a shelf behind our sofa took away the need for side and coffee tables making room for extra seating in the living room). Biggest challenge #2: being content with what we have. We are forever editing our belongings and remembering to be grateful for all that we have.