Free Photo-Editing Options | good-bye, picnik. hello, picmonkey!

free photo editing options picnik before and after
{before / after editing in picnik}
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The Sad News: Picnik is closing.

Every photo I have taken and posted on this blog since August 29, 2010 has first been edited and/or collaged in Picnik, and today is their last day.

The Good News: Free photo editing will still go on. Keep reading for my new favorite photo editing site.

Here are a few photo-editing possibilities to explore...

free photo editing picasa before and after
{before / after editing in picasa}


Picasa is a downloaded program. It tried collecting all my photos in the program, but they're not organized right and they're not all there. It saves photos in a new Picasa folder rather than letting me decide where to save it. It's slow. It does my basic photo editing, but doesn't have some features I loved in Picnik. Can you tell I'm unimpressed?


GNU Image Manipulation Program. It's a photo editing software similar to PhotoShop but free. Looks like a level of photo editing that is above my payscale. I'm not a pro and not even pretending to be serious about photo editing--I need fun and easy, people!

free photo editing picmonkey before and after
{before / after editing in picmonkey}


I am in love with PicMonkey! The Web site is fun and easy to use, has my favorite features that I used on Picnik, no account required and there's even a note that they'll be adding collages soon. Yay! Easy to upload photo, easy to use features and easy to save edited photo.


Free online photo editor with no registration required. Also available in the app store for android and iPhone. Tools weren't as as easy for me to find and none of my favorite features as far as filters and such are concerned. I gave up editing because the image just wasn't turning out good.

free photo editing aviary before and after
{before / after editing in aviary}


A little much for my photo editing needs. Took me 15 minutes to even figure out where to go to edit a photo. Features aren't clear or fun to use like Picnik or PicMonkey. I'm a beginner that edits photos just for personal use, I need fun! You can try it out without making an account, but you have to register for an account before you can save your editing. There's not an easy save option and an aviary watermark is in the corner of the photo.


You need a Google+ account to edit photos there. I've already signed up for one with my e-mail address, but my blog came about before my e-mail address so the accounts are not combined. To go between blog and e-mail I have to keep logging in and out of accounts and it's very annoying. To have to do this for photo editing too would just be a pain in the butt. I'm sure there's a way to fix my account situation, but it's all confusing and time-consuming for me right now, so I won't be trying out Google+ photo editing options. (Picnik noted to find them in the Creative Kit if you want to try it out.) With other options available, I don't feel like I'm missing out. (Yet.)

free photo editing photoscape


Free photo editing software. It's a download which isn't what I'm looking for, so I haven't tried it. From their images, it looks like it has a good variety of basic editing features.


"The worlds most advanced online photo editor." Easy to upload, lots of features and editing options, and an easy "save to computer" option. However, I couldn't get it to save my photo then got error messages. I don't love the layout or some of the effects. (I use a little of the lomo filter on most of my photos, and their lomo filter has a dark grey surrounding even if you lighten it up.) Same photo editing options that are on Photobucket.

free photo editing photobucket before and after
{before / after editing in photobucket}


This free image hosting site also has the option to edit photos. And, Surprise!, the photo editing is laid out the same as FotoFlexer, with many (all?) of the same options. Photos are first uploaded to Photobucket, then edited images can either replace the original on Photobucket or be saved as a copy.

And the verdict is...?

I Heart PicMonkey!

Yep, looks like PicMonkey will be my new Picnik replacement, at least for now. It works for basic editing needs which is enough. I'm a beginner, of course basic is enough!


See my PicMonkey tutorials here.

*Note: PicMonkey affiliate links used in this post. I fell in love with PicMonkey and wrote several tutorials before they offered an affiliate program. Now, any purchases made through my links earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!