Minimizing May {and Appreciate April Follow-Up}

Four months checked off the monthly resolution list, and I'm hoping May goes better than April. This is the first month I've been a little disappointed with my effort and thus lack of results. But, hey, at least my blog views are at a record high :) Keep reading for what went wrong and what went right, and a peak into what's in store for May.

Appreciate April {a follow-up}

I'm a little disappointed with the effort (or lack of effort) I put into April. I will need to make up for it another month. We didn't do daily worships everyday, or weekend activities every weekend (nor go camping), no awesome family date nights each week, no daily hands-on time with the kids, and no family photo shoot. Man, I really flopped this month!

Here's a few things that did happen for Appreciate April:
  • Countdown to Easter -- I used this Easter egg resurrection countdown to do our own countdown to Easter with daily stories about Jesus.
  • Easter celebration -- We did an Easter egg hunt at my sisters, took fun Easter pictures of the kids in bunny ears, and invited friends over for a sit-down dinner complete with yummy vegan cupcakes. After dinner the kids had fun putting on a puppet show.
  • Kids' dedication -- The kids were dedicated in front of church. Even though it wasn't the unique celebration I dreamed of it being, it was still a very special and important event.


Bossypants by Tina Fey
Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Minimizing May {a preview}

We've collected a few things around the apartment since last year's "epic" move and Project Eliminate. I'm back for round 2 with a little less stress. The goal this month has 3 parts:
27 areas - I will go through 27 areas of my home to find things I can get rid of;
27 days - I will do one area each day (leaving a day break each Sabbath);
27 things - I will get rid of at least one thing from EACH area
 Tomorrow's Project Eliminate post will have all the details, and progress postings along the way!

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