The Influence {a giant leap of faith}

{the influence conference}

I am so excited and nervous all rolled into one! I just bought my ticket for The Influence Conference--"the first stylish and fresh blog conference to make much of Jesus in social media." One way or another, I plan to be in Indianapolis October 11-13.

First, I am excited! Because...

Three awesome bloggers are hosting this "little" event.
I have been getting my information from Hayley on her blog Tiny Twig. There is also Jessi who blogs at Naptime Diaries. And Casey who blogs at casey leigh. See? Only great things can come from these three working together!

A great collection of awesome individuals will be speaking.
In addition to Hayley, Jessi, and Casey (the hosts mentioned above), there seems to be a great line up of speakers. Honestly, I only recognize one of them. Emily Freeman, author of Grace for the Good Girl--I loved her book and would love to hear what she has to say!

Following Jesus is the primary reason I blog, and I am excited to be around other Christian bloggers and learn more about making much of Jesus in social media!

True to my "realist" nature, I am also nervous because...

I have two kids that need cared for.
October is right in the middle of fall college tour which is Daniel's busiest travel season (read: he'll likely be gone and not able to take care of the kids while I get away). Looks like I will need to {a} find someone else that can care for them for a couple days, or {b} *gulp* take them with me. I love (and am not ashamed of) using my kids as the great ice breakers they are for their introvert momma. But, I don't love the distraction TWO kids would be in a conference like this.

Buying the ticket is only one fraction of the cost commitment.
There is also travel, and hotel (the conference location looks expensive, eek!), and food. You spend money to make money, right? This may not be the place that I will magically start making money with my writing, but it is definitely a place to improve my efforts in writing for Jesus, and I know He will provide necessary finances and other trivial things like "needs."

"Someone" is feeding me lies that I don't belong.
There is this voice in my head saying things like, You're not even a great blogger, this isn't for you. You aren't crafty like "her" or artsy like "her" or simply awesome like "her." You'll waste all this money you don't have and come back just as lame as you were before. I emphasize that I know these are lies. Satan doesn't want Christians gathering together and encouraging each other and promoting the name of Jesus far and wide (which is exactly where social media reaches). So he works on individuals contemplating whether or not they should go, and working one-on-one trying to convince them they aren't good enough and they don't matter. Well, we are good enough and we do matter because of Jesus, and He's the very reason this thing is happening and the very reason I want to be there!

{the influence conference}

So, join me!

If you're around the Kansas/Nebraska/Iowa area, I'd love to carpool. Or find a friend to split the hotel bill with. Or simply have someone to sit with :) The Early Bird special is $170. It goes up to $200 after the first 50 tickets sell, and up to $250 for purchases made after August 1. Pray about it, then make the leap of faith and buy your ticket, and tell me there will be someone I "know" there!