Joyful June {and Minimizing May Follow-Up}

My fifth monthly resolution is complete and heading into the sixth. The full Minimizing May follow-up will actually be shared on Monday, complete with a few before and after photos on the progress made with Project Eliminate. Overall, it has been a very productive month with great results in improving our home. Which is a perfect lead-in to June's resolution of taking a break to add some joy back into my life.

Minimizing May {follow-up}

The goal was simply: 27 areas / 27 days / 27 things. I completed all of the major areas--especially the 6 problem spots in our apartment that will be shown on Monday. There are a few smaller areas that I didn't get to or didn't spend much time on, but those didn't matter as much to me. However, I absolutely got rid of more than 27 things--more than 27 even in just the bookshelf alone. I'm looking forward to showing more on Monday in my final Project Eliminate post.

May Books-of-the-Month

15 Minutes Outside by Rebecca Cohen
Praying the Scriptures for Your Children by Jodie Berndt

Joyful June {a preview}

After jumping into an exercise routine, firing up my spiritual life, managing our meals, appreciating family (kind of), and minimizing the excess, I'm ready for a break. And that's just what my resolution for June is all about.

Joyful June has three parts:

Take a Dee Dah Day. I've mentioned John Ortberg's concept of a "dee dah day" and how it's essential for spiritual health. Well, it's also essential for a mom's sanity. Daniel earned a travel voucher and gave it to me. I will be taking a Dee Dah long weekend (Wednesday through Monday!). Thank you, Daniel, for doing this for me!!

Give up comparing and think of what I'm grateful for everyday. In this post I shared the quote "Comparison is the thief of joy," and I truly believe that. This month, I won't be comparing. But I fear that's easier said than done. So I'll take up a habit I did for a while that I learned from my sister-in-law (I think she got the idea from the 4:8 Principle)--think of 3 specific things I'm thankful for each day. I'll write these down in my journal, share them with a friend, put them on Facebook or Twitter, or post them on the blog. "Whatever things are joyful" will be my focus.

Collect moments, not things. This is a quote I used in the last Monthly Resolution post. Part of this will come from the book I just read, 15 Minutes Outside. Daily time outside is just the sort of happy, care-free moments I hope to collect with my kids and husband and family and friends.