Joint-Effort July {and joyful june follow-up}

Halfway through 2012 and halfway through my monthly resolutions list! And finally getting my act together with making monthly resolution images :) Keep reading to find out what I have in store for July and a recap on June.

Joyful June {follow-up}

Joyful June had 3 parts, and all three were a success!

Take a Dee Dah Day. I took a Dee Dah long weekend and it was great! You can read a little more about my "momcation" here. Also, giving myself room to "give up on good" as needed is essential to maintaining joy.

Give up comparing. Man, this is a tough one. Rethinking my use of TV, social networking sites, and blogging is a start. My friends and I also shared the top 3 things we were thankful for everyday in our ongoing Facebook message thread. There were a couple days it was more difficult to think positive and this activity proved especially essential on those days.

Collect moments, not things. The kids and I went outside for at least 15 minutes everyday and look forward to enjoying more summer activities outdoors--the joyful things summer memories are made of!

June Books-of-the-Month

The Joy of Doing Things Badly: A Girl's Guide to Love, Life and Foolish Bravery by Veronica Chambers

Joint-Effort July {preview}

The end of this month Daniel and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary! In celebration, my resolution for this month focuses on us and our joint-effort in our marriage. Here are a few things we'll be doing this month...

Date nights. Our date nights have been a little hit and miss lately, with waning creativity in our at-home dates. This month, we'll go on 4 out-of-the-house with-out-kids dates. We'll arrange babysitting (shocker) and spend one-on-one time out.

Overnight without kids. For our actual anniversary, I'd like us to spend the night without kids, maybe even getting out of Lincoln for a night.

Make an effort. I plan on making more of an effort this month--making the above 2 things happen is a start. Also, spending time with Daniel doing things he likes--golfing, playing guitar, longboarding. Okay, so I don't know yet what this part of the resolution means. Better believe I'll let you know when I know! ;)